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Personal development series through erotic energy mastery.  



Live Video

Coaching & Mentoring

Create a deeper body connection

Address issues and areas of concern

 Learn self-pleasuring skills for health

Improve your sexual skills

Experience tantric techniques

Delve into erotic sprituality

Generate greater pleasure & bliss

Tap into greater creative power

Cultivate more relaxation and peace

 Each Session May Include: 
Focused Discussion

Breathwork Training

Body Awareness Exercises

Mindful Masturbation Mentoring

Erotic Skills Building

Tantra and Orgasmic Training

...and more!!! 

A Personalized and Customized Journey of

Healing, Learning, Growth and Transformation with Eros

3 Sessions



6 Sessions


45 Minutes Each

Skype or Facetime


Open to gay, bi, str8 & trans men 

All ages, all bodies


Discounts available to

members of the global majority


Millennials & Gen Z




Each 45-minute session includes a session recap by email recap with highlights and recommended homework.

Book A Free Discovery Call 

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