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About Me



I'm Austino.

My speciality is helping men connect to their bodies and claim their erotic power and live from love.

Since 1994, I've worked with thousands of men as a bodyworker, sacred intimate, sexuality coach and tantra teacher. ( Approximately 5000 individual sessions, in person and by phone/video as well as dozens of small group workshops.)  I continue to wear many hats and embody many roles to help each client walk along their own unique path.


Primarily, my purpose is to create and hold safe space for each client to relax, connect to his body and to do his "work".


My view is that each client as resourceful, whole and complete.

Not broken or unable to change or move forward. 


Certainly, love and acceptance is what fuels the process of healing, learning and transformation.


Fortunately, I have walked alongside many men on their journey.

In amazement, I continue to witness the power of eros as it reveals our own presence, passion and power.


Brief List of Credentials & Training

Orgasmic Mystery School Program 20222-2024

Orgasmic Shamanism 2021

Occupational Therapy, Master's Degree 2017

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing 2014- 2015

Psychology, Bachelor's Degree 2012

Sacred Intimacy Intensive  2007

Healing The Wounded Healer 2006

Dear Love of Comrades 2005

Cobra Breath Training, 2004

Body Electric CBE 2003

Landmark Forum 2001

Siddha Yoga Meditation Intensives 2000, 2001

Certified Personal Life Coach 2000

CTI Personal Life Coach Training 1997-2000

Excalibur & Mastery Program 1997

Certified Massage Technician  1994



After working with Austino, I am centered, motivated, and renewed for the long haul.  I have grown so much in his care; and am beginning to expand my personal and sexual depth as a gay man.  I was really frightened when I began working with him, and now I feel totally safe and at ease with myself. Tony, Palm Springs

I want to thank you for taking me through this process.  What I went in thinking I would come out with is not what I came out with at all.  What surfaced , along the way, was some very deep feelings and emotions that had been pushed aside; namely grief, grief due to loss, grief due to realities of life that I really have no control over.  Life is about letting go so as to be free.  These sessions while erotic, unleashed a lot of stress and anxiety.  The erotic nature of this work was fun for sure, but it was also very therapeutic in the sense it allowed a deep inner sense of release resulting in a sense of peace and relaxation. Bill, San Diego 

I am continuing to process an experience that seemed to catapult me beyond time and space – really beyond any descriptive words: peaceful/exciting; laughter and happiness; sensual and erotic; relaxing/stimulating; arousing/calming. Austino is an unparalleled master with his craft. He is the consummate Tantric Guide who possesses a Generosity of Spirit who makes the experience unique to the individual. The ambiance is unlike anything previously experienced: the lighting, the music, the themes – everything contributed to a sacred/sexual intimacy. He impacted me on every level from physical to spiritual, emotional to ethical. I'm already looking forward to the next experience. Thank You!  Paul, Palm Springs 

I have to say it was a mind boggling experience, It took awhile to compute. I haven't felt those kinds of feelings and I'm trying to still decide what they were. I want to say “love" but that seems to strong of a word but not really, whatever it was, it was beautiful. Thank you for the life changing experience.  Ronald, Los Angeles 

Thanks for this wonderful journey and for helping me explore a world that was previously unknown and frightening. I have been reflecting on the whole process and with that reflection has come a greater sense of awe, pleasure, and excitement about ecstasy, sex and my own sexuality. The sense of merging with another is a beautiful thing and entering it through pleasure and touch is nearly surreal. Again, thank you for helping me begin to uncover the mystery that I've built around intimate relationships. Sincerely,  Dale, Los Angeles 

Working with you has been truly remarkable and I learned so much.  It was so freeing to feel so open and in the moment. You are wonderful at your craft and your art - and I believe what you do is indeed art.  Thanks so much.  I will do my damndest to keep this going. Micheal, Chicago 

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