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​Presence, Passion and Power

A custom personal growth program and/or professional development course for practitioners

 in Tantra and sacred intimacy to awaken your inner talents.


Individual Private

Workshop Format

Package Includes

1 Hour - Virtual Online - Coaching

3 Hours - In-Person Sacred Intimacy Session

3 Hours -In-Person Integration Session

 1 Hour - Virtual Online -  Post-Session Coaching

1 Hour

8 Hours


In-Person and Online

The In-Person Portion

May Be Experienced As 

1  Full Day ( 6 Hours) or 

 2 Consecutive Days (3 Hours each)



Discover a new level of personal presence, passionate creativity and empowered living through your body and your sexuality. 

Health and Wellness Modules To Choose

Module 1: Your Body As A Tool For Transformation

Module 2:  Purposeful Touch, Arousal, Self Pleasuring 

Module 3: Traditional And Neo Tantra For Personal Growth

Module 4: Creating and Experiencing Sacred Intimacy

Module 5: Ecstatic Sexuality & The Energy of Desire

Module 6: Energy: Awareness

Module 7: Personal Practices, Self-Care & Living Life in Your Body

Module 8: Mastering The Journey of Personal Challenges

Module 9: Nervous System Regulation "Hacks"

Module 10: ​Your Talents, Gifts. Purpose, Meaning



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