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Exploring Your Edge​​

Learning Personal Tantric Practices 

Developing Your Own Personal Wellness Practices including: Erotic Breathing, Sound, Movement, Erotic Yoga, Meditation, Enhanced Self-Pleasuring. 


Learning Ecstatic Sexuality 

  Tantric Touch, Skin Sensations, Goosebumps, Orgasmic Movement, 

Ecstatic Expression.

Learning & Experiencing Sensory Play
Expanding Your Conscious Experience Of The Senses - Smelling, Tasting, Hearing, Seeing And Touching. 

Expanding Your Limits To Letting Go Sensually
To  Surrender, To Let Go, Yearning To Be Submissive, To Have Someone Be In Charge To Pleasure, Tickle, Tease & Stroke You.

Guided Erotic Play
Guiding You/Your Partner in Tantric Erotic Play,

Exploring New Roles, Expressing Love for One Another, Exploring Sacred Loving with An Open Heart. 

Intimacy Practices 

Eye Gazing, Deep Eye-To-Eye Bonding, Feeling Love/Loved, Appreciation, Acknowledgement And Being Fully Present.

Communicating Sexual Desires 
Expressing Your Unique Desires with "I Like......" Statements.

Asking For What You Want With "Will You...." Statements. 

Learning Lovemaking 
Touching and Being Touched As A Lover, Expressing Love To Your Partner, Giving And  Receiving Love, Being Able To Give Fully, Being Able To Receive Fully.

Owning Your Sexual Desires

Sharing Your Desires And What Turns You On,Talking About Your Curiosities Including Those Considered Different Or Taboo.  

Daddy Time

Being A Little Boy With Your Daddy, Being Held By Daddy,

Snuggling, Having A Book Or Story Read To You, Telling You The Words You Have Been Yearning To Hear From Your Daddy.

Act Out Your Fantasy Through Role Playing; Recreating An Old Story Or Wound With A New Ending, To Be Who Have Dreamed Of Bein

Surrendering Through Being Tied Up, Experiencing Intimacy Through Intense Body Sensations, Spanking, Hot Wax Dripped. Being Dressed Up In Military, Leather, Etc. 

Learning To Give and Receive MassageSensual Massage, Light Touch Massage, Erotic Massage, Anal Massage, Prostate Massage. 


The above items are not provided as a menu to choose.

Yet, they are ideas to spark your own inner journey to derive your personal intention for learning

Please discuss your personal details with me to explore any of these situations as part of your work.


 Explorations for growth are address with a combination of tantric and somatic therapies with a cognitive behavioral approach and more. 


Client are held as resourceful and whole with the ability to apply changes to attain the desired long term results. 





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