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Issues & Areas Of Concern

To Address

Sexual Performance Issues

Erection Difficulty, Rapid Ejaculation, Lack of Control of Ejaculation, Difficulty Ejaculating, Anal Concerns

General Sexual Issues 
Busy Mind During Sex, Self-Doubt, Self Criticism, Sexual Shame, Inhibition, Lack Of Confidence In Lovemaking,
Unfulfilling Masturbation, Inability To Find Pleasure In Anal Touch,
 Overcoming Shyness, Changes In Sexual Desires, Changes In Relationship Status, Sexual Changes Due To Illness Or Medication, Putting Porn In Perspective, Accessing Ecstatic States Without Anxiety,

Sexual Intimacy Issues 

Disconnected Sex, Sexual Boundary Concerns, Sexual Boredom, Inability To Relax With Another During Sex, Lack Of Passion For Another, Unclear About What You Want, Difficulty Asking For What You Want, Difficulty Naming Kinky Desires, Difficulty Articulating Fantasies, Integration Of Sexuality And Spirituality

General Body Issues

Disconnection From Your Body, Body Image Concerns, Body Shame

Bladder Functioning Concerns

Urgency, Frequency, Stress Incontinence, Incomplete Emptying

Trauma Issues

Healing Past Issues or Hurts, Reclaiming Dormant Eroticism, Reclaiming Sex After Substance Abuse, Compulsive Sexual Behavior


The above items are not provided as a menu to choose.

Yet, they are ideas to spark your own inner journey to derive your personal desire for healing and moving forward

Please discuss your personal details with me to explore

any of these situations as part of your work. 



Concerns and issues are addressed with a combination of tantric and somatic therapies with a cognitive behavioral approach and more.


Client are held as resourceful and whole with the ability to apply changes to attain the desired long term results. 





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