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Before Your Arrival


Become more aware of your body as you prepare for our session.



Allow Extra Time To:


Eat Lightly


Clean Out 

Shower or Bathe


Tantric Tip: Consider being present with each activity above as you perform it…and notice your sensations.  Go slow! 



Conserve Your Sex Fluids

Refrain from ejaculating 48 hours or more before your session. 




Please get extra sleep the night before your session. 



Drink Water

Avoid alcohol, if at all possible.



Eat Lightly

Also, be conscious of the types of foods you eat. Fiber!


Clothing & Hygiene:

Wear loose clothing to for comfortable movement and an easy undressing.


Do not apply deodorant, cologne, lotion, etc,


Tantric Tip: Consider wearing something sensual, erotic or sexy. Shirt, pants, shorts, underwear, jock, etc….   Maybe something to express your unfolding erotic nature. 


Allow Extra Travel Time

Arrive at the agreed time.  

I will be available by phone if there is any difficulty with direction, parking etc.


Read Your Intake

You may want to read your answers from the intake form. 


After the Session

I recommend that you keep open some free time for yourself to slowly integrate back into your life. Consider writing or pondering your experience and any insights to gain more value from your session. 





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