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Join me on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation with eros.
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Sacred Intimate

Tantra Mentor



I am a seeker.

A curious seeker of deeper meaning in life. 

One single area of questioning has led to my own quest and a long and fruitful journey. 


What is the purpose of sexuality in my life?

I am here to help you on your own life's journey with sexuality and intimacy.

You might be asking yourself similar questions. 

What do I do with my yearning?

Are they in control of me?

How can I be more satisfied?

More free and uninhibited?

How do I master my own desires?

I provide one-on-one healing, learning and transformative opportunities for men to explore their deeper questions and greater satisfaction.



For 30 years, Ive studied and honed my craft to hold space for another's goals and forward momentum in life.  

 I am my best when I am in service of other as they take steps to claim more of themselves..  

I am here to help!

Erotic energy is our greatest tool for personal transformation.


Eros is our path.

Awakening your full sexual nature


Heal the past trauma and wounds


Experience liberation and freedom


Expand eroticism in your life


Feel  full permission to be yourself


Refresh your creativity and clarity


Enliven your own personal goals


Feel more joy and aliveness


See life with new eyes.




I am a sacred intimate, bodyworker, self-care coach and modern-day shaman. I am your facilitator, your healer and your activator to enliven your life through sexual healing and sexual transformation. 



I will help you travel further on your path with sexuality and spirituality

...and to live a life of greater meaning and purpose. 

Feeling out of touch from your body?

Yearning to be your full sexual self?


Disconnected from others?


Lacking purpose in daily life?


Looking for your next step in your personal life?


Life is good yet you want more?


After many years of  holding space for others and investing in my own personal practices, there is one thing I can say for sure. -The body is one of our greatest tools to connect us to ourselves, to others and to deeper meaning and purpose in life.

When delving deep into the body, we discover much about ourselves including: benefits of healing what doesn't work, discovering and owning our creative energy, purposeful inner direction, a flow of life....generally increased  presence, passion, personal power. 

If you are yearning to be more in touch with yourself then let's discover how to claim your erotic power to shed shame and guilt. This path leads to empowered living and your full and free expression. 


I am here to help you along your path.

Explore these three options in working together.





A personal growth and professional development program in sacred intimacy.


8 hours

In-Person and Online


Sacred Intimacy

Sacred intimacy experience with tantric erotic bodywork, customized to address personal goals in erotic healing, growth and transformation. 


Virtual Tantra 

One-on-one video session series, Exploring conscious self-pleasuring and Tantra as a transformative practice addressing your personal goals. 

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