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Join me on a journey of personal transformation with eros.
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Tantra Bodyworker

Sacred Intimate



After many years of witnessing erotic transformation in others,

there is one thing I can say for sure.

Our erotic energy is powerful in so many ways!

​It is enlivening and liberating. 

Erotic energy helps us move forward in all of life.

Harnessing its power provides opportunities for healing and transformation.
It helps us become our best selves, not just better sexually. 

It is one of our greatest tools that we have to connect us to our individual purpose and the deeper meaning of life itself.

Eros has been my path of study and purposeful erotic work for decades. I offer my knowledge and experience to empower others willing to discover themselves further.

Awaken Your Full Sexual Nature
Experience Liberation And Freedom
Expand Eroticism In Your Life
Feel Full Permission To Be Yourself
Refresh Your Creativity And Clarity
Enliven You Personal Goals
Feel More Joy And Aliveness
See Life With New Eyes

If you are yearning to be more and do more with your erotic life, then let’s discover what may be blocking your full potential.


It might be just having the right learning experience to open up a whole new realm.


It could be something better addressed with an effective therapeutic approach. 

Are you out of touch from your body?
Experiencing sexual performance issues?
Intimacy issues?
Past trauma and wounds?
Feeling disconnected from others?
Experiencing ongoing shame or guilt?
Feeling inhibited?
Seemingly lack opportunities?

Whether you think your challenges are insignificant or complex, you are worth the investment in yourself and a chance to move forward.

I Am Here To Help!

I am your facilitator, your healer and your activator to enliven your life through erotic learning and healing.


I am an expertly trained and experienced tantric bodyworker, sacred intimate and modern-day shaman. (Check out my credentials)


My humble aim is to walk with you along your unique path while helping to bring together your experience of intimacy, sexuality and spirituality. 


Above all, I hope to inspire you to live a life of greater meaning and purpose. 


Below are the primary options in working together. 

If  neither of the three options are appropriate for you and you feel drawn to this type of work then contact me to discuss additional options. 

Primary Services



An advanced personal growth

and professional development program with coaching and mentoring through Eros.


8 hours

In-Person and Virtual


Sacred Intimacy

A customized journey to address personal goals through healing and learning for transformation with erotic touch & sacred intimacy. 



4 hours

In-Person and Virtual


Virtual Tantra 

Live video coaching series of sessions integrating erotic energy to achieve personal life goals: with self-pleasuring coaching.


Ongoing Series 


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