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A Sacred Approach To Transformation

Through Erotic & Intimate Rituals

Spiritual Sexuality
Explore Transcendence And Oneness Through Rituals.

Individual And Duo Meditation, Partnered Yoga,

Movement, Chanting, Sounds, Breathing And Dancing, 

Self Pleasuring As Spiritual Practice 

Personal Practice Building.

Whole Life Integration

Self Pleasuring Rituals

Self-Pleasuring While Showing Off

Showing Your New Skills for Self Pleasuring,  

Exploring Other Self Loving Rituals And Techniques.


Exploring Basic Rituals
Ritual Undressing, Ritual Feeding, Ritual Drinking, Ritual Bathing.

Rituals For Manhood -Stepping Into Manhood With Honor,

Ritual To Honor Your Body or Body Parts That Are Shamed Or Judged.


Reframing To A Positive Body Image 

Self-pleasuring While Seeing Pictures Of You,

Honoring Your Body Or Specific Body Parts That Have Been Judged Or Shamed, Forgiving Yourself, Telling Another About Your Body. 

Apologizing To Your Body For Harsh Thoughts And Criticisms. 

Displaying Your Magnificence
Being Photographed, Become Your Own Erotic Icon or Porn Star, Creating A Ritual Around Stepping Into Your Manhood As Your Magnificent Self. Showing Off Your Speedo. Dancing For Me. Stepping Into Your Sensual, Erotic and Sexual Beingness.

Being Celebrated Rituals
Explore Your Sense Of Worthiness By Being Worshiped By Me, Letting Me Tell You About You, Looking In The Mirror And Doing Erotic Dancing For Me, Looking In Your Eyes And Allowing You To Feel Seen!

Witnessing You Rituals
Telling Your Erotic Life Story, Telling Me About Your Body While I Watch And Listen, Being Absolved From Your Erotic Sins Through Ritual Confessional, Spoken To By Your Spiritual Leader. 

Listening Rituals
Letting Me Tell You The Words You Have Been Waiting To Hear.

Purposeful Pampering Rituals
Salt Scrub, Shaving, Manscaping, Foot Soak, Painting Fingernails and/or Toenails.

Hugging and Holding Rituals
Experience Holding and Hugging For 30 Minutes Or More. Lying, Sitting, Standing, Swaying, Slow Dancing, Etc.. 



The above items are not provided as a menu to choose.

Yet, they are ideas to spark your own inner journey

to derive your personal ritual for transformation

Please discuss your personal details with me to explore any of these situations as part of your work.



Transformational Rituals are informed from a combination of tantric and somatic therapies with a cognitive behavioral approach and more.

Client are held as resourceful and whole with the ability to apply changes to attain the desired long term results. 




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